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The next day, Sammie had deleted a bunch of her tweets to or mentioning @TNTs Heart, and the account itself was finally deleted. Tracie pretty much immediately realized that Sammie had created Reese and then killed her to get attention, and that was the end of her relationship with Sammie. Well, Nev and Max basically just confirm what Tracie already figured out: Sammie is a real person who's into starting online relationships with marginal celebrities (this girl Marissa Von Bleiken; a writer/producer named Lotti that Tracie knows; Nickelodeon star Elizabeth Gillies who didn't sign off on being in the show and had her photos and Twitter handle blurred but who Nev fully outed on his own Twitter during the show and afterward so nice job respecting her wish for privacy, Nev, you fucking dope).

Then, for no real reason other than to make Sammie look like a creep, Max and Nev set up a meeting with Marissa and Lotti to discuss their interactions with various versions of Sammie.

Project Runway All Stars kicked off its sixth season last week with 16 designers-- eight of whom have previously competed on Project Runway All Stars and eight of whom are part of Project Runway All Stars for the first time.

Like, this is just a sad girl and there are five hundred cameras around you.

(a) Nothing is going to happen, but (b) if you were worried she was going to try to Rebecca Schaeffer you, you could have just continued having no contact with her?

Let's address the alien in the room: The X-Files season 11 premiere was rough.

In "My Struggle III," a theme that the series is desperately trying to get fans to love, Scully and Mulder tackled (or should I say, stumbled through) the impending alien DNA invasion arc, which ended in the pair's convenient decision to wait for their son William to find them rather than the other way around.

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