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Fahim Rahman, president of the University of Alberta’s Students’ Union, said it’s troubling that so many students are concerned enough about covering their tuition, books and other expenses that they have to find wealthy benefactors willing to pay for their schooling, usually with the expectation of sexual relationships.“I’m not surprised more students are signing up,” he said.“The really interesting thing is how the website is actively recruiting students from post-secondary schools, knowing many will unlikely be able to afford all the costs.”According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition fees for an undergraduate student in Alberta were ,730 in 2015.

For those studying medicine or dentistry, those annual fees can triple or even quadruple.

I have lived my entire life, barring the past 5 years of course, in Southern California.

The “gringo effect” is the reaction a foreign guy gets from girls here in Medellin.It is an immediate sense of curiosity that some Colombian women have upon meeting a foreigner.Most of my close friends here in Medellin are foreigners and I have seen girls break their neck checking them out as we walk down the street.Even though it might be conducted in secret, it can cause personal and professional consequences.“Young people aren’t really the best at anticipating risk and negotiating the best deal for themselves.”Sullivan noted women who sign up in search of a sugar daddy are essentially entering a business contract, but unlike most workers they lack the rights and recourse should those terms be violated.Even though the U of C’s total numbers are relatively low, the fact they nearly doubled from just 23 in 2015 suggests a troubling trend for Tristan Bray, vice-president external for the school’s Students’ Union.“We’re not shocked by the number of sign-ups,” he said.“With the downturn in the economy, we know students were finding less degree-relevant jobs over the summer.

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