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In 2004 he would go on to host the less-than-popular (GSN) Game Show Network show "Fake A Date".

Marriott went back to contracting in Orange County, CA.

It was broadcast in the United Kingdom that same year.A theme throughout the first season was Marriott's attempt to ascertain which of the twenty contestants were sincere and which ones were simply seeking a wealthy mate.Season 1 was helmed by Show Runner and Co-Executive Producer Liz Bronstein, whose vision of the show as a spoof of the Bachelor and comedic send up of reality shows was widely praised.A sequel, The Next Joe Millionaire, followed in October 2003.The show, approved by Mike Darnell, was successful and became very popular, with an average of 34.6 million viewers in the United States tuning into the season-one finale, making it the most-watched episode of any reality show since the first-season finale, the second-season premiere, and the second-season finale of Survivor.

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