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Three months ago I became a new half-brother at the age of twenty-four.

Though I know this can be completely normal, it still feels strange being so much older than my new sister.

It was then that I noticed her nipples were really hard and pushing outward underneath her top.

I don’t think they were like that when she walked in, so it must of happened sitting here. As she said that she moved herself right next to me, the sides of our bodies touching and she laid her head down on my shoulder, “I’m sure.”I wrapped my arm around her, letting my hand rest on her shoulder as I held her gently.

But I am getting more used to it and hopefully tonight it will get even more normal.

As I walked up to the door of my dad’s place, I took out my key and unlocked the door letting myself in.

There was a moment after I replied that we both looked into each other’s eyes a second longer than normal before we both turned our heads to look back at the TV.“Ahhh crap,” Jackie sighed as she stretched he legs out in front of her, stretching her muscles.

As Jackie walked by me I got a glance of one of her breasts as she hadn’t put that side of her spaghetti strap top back on.

She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra and while I had noticed it before, her breasts really had grown quite a bit since her pregnancy.

” Jackie asked as she noticed my bottle of water.“No, water is just fine,” I replied with a soft smile.“Oh being healthy tonight huh? I am most of the time,” I shot back playfully.“Well,” she replied looking at me.

“With a physique like that, you must.”“Water does help,” I replied mid laugh and with a smile.

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