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• 863 IL^Geological Remarks during the March from Benares (Old road,) via Ha- xareebaugh, fiankoora and Burdwan to Barrackpoor. From henee I marched in a North-west direction to Rajpoor, distance twenty-nine miles and one furlong ; also a good cart road, but the last twenty miles is through a thick jangle. From that to Moondlahy a distance of twelve miles in a South-west diree- tion, through a deep moving country, in many places well cultivated by the Kressans, or Bhillala tribe, and thickly studded with large mowah trees. That at Dkadvee it is preci- pitated over a ledge of rocks forty feet in height, and for about 30 above this, navigation is impeded by rodcs and rapids. *' Finding myself unable either to proceed along the bed of the river sr in n boat, I determined upon getting down to Hamp Island, in the espsetation that I should there be able to get boats and return by the fiver to the Himn Phall, or if not, proceed from thence to Barodie ; frr wliich purpose I came back about three miles, and landed on the North bank of the river at the small village of Dhair^ end proceeded nearly due North to Kooksee along a good cart rood, distance ten sulee and sofcn furlongs. open jungle, distance nine miles and five furlongs, till within two miles of the place, when it thickens to a deep jungle with small hills. pressed upon the veport of a native surveyor, who, although a man of apparent intelligence, could have had no experience, and very limit- ed knowledge of the means available for improving navigation. bot there, from the deieriptioii of the penon tent with the boat, a fall of a considerable height is met with, suffieient to stop the progress of any boat ; every indueement was held oat to the boatmen to proceed farther, bat they fatly refused, and wonld not even permit their empty boat to advance without being insured the value of it** *' From enqoiries made of the boatmen at Hindea, it seems that no boat has ever been known to pass this plaee, and it is eonsidersd by them an impossibility." Captain J. The following extract from a Journal of a Voyage made down from Mundleysir by Lieutenant V. 409 " Frmm Mondleysir to the Hern Phall, a distance of eighty (80) miles, Ihoe is aa unintemipted navigatioii f Sor small boats from the eora- ■CMenent of the Monsoon till the end of April, and it is then only inlemipted in one place,* three miles below Mabeysir, where part of the river Calls down a small precipioe, and a back stream is there made nee of lor the boats. It must be borne in mind, however, that these opinions were ex. ^

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. tion between Mundleysir and Chiculdah was practicable for light emft nine or ten months in the year/' Major Wilson also informed Sir J. Lieut Ander- ^^ appointed to survey the Nurbudda between ■w'sjoarney ia 1841 Hiudea and Hirun Phall in October 1841, but owing to the non-arrival of the necessary instruments, he was prevented from making any regular survey.

^ transport coal by rafts from Hosungabad was made on a small scale by Lieutenant Browne, Principal Assistant at Hosungabad, In reporting in November 1840, the total failure of the attempt, Captein Browne writes as follows: ** From Hosungabad to a distance of 20 or 25 miles below Hindea, the river is open during the rains ; * The original survey is not to be found on record, Captain Ouseley appears only to have sobmitted the result of it with his opinions, t Made between August and November, 1840. Capu Abbott, ib^t district, '' lost no opportunity of collecting, and noting down, all the information procurable from persons who had visited the principal obstacles." His own actual knowledge was li- mited to the boundaries of his district From what this officer states in his observations open the obstacles impeding the navigation of the river, submitted in March of the present year, it appears that from enquiries he had made, the river is navigable, (except in the driest season, when it is spread over too wide ft snr&ee,) from Qassnngabad 10 within 20 miles of the Dhadree fit Us. from Dhadree to Mundleysir, is navigable the greater part of the year to vessels of light burden ; but during the very dry months, from the middle of March to the middle of June, the water at the rapids is too shallow to float the larger river craft. But a still greater obstacle exists about a mile below thai, where nearly the whole water of the river rushes into a channel not more than forty yards broad, attended with a consider* able frdl, and with such violence, that any boat trying to pass it, must inevitably be k)et.

It does not appear, moreover, that he took any steps for ascertaining with aeeuraey the Ihil of the river, or making such observations as would afford grounds for deciding on the steps which would be necessary for overcoming the obstructions to be met w Hh« In 1840^ in consequence of the repeated representations of Lieutenant U. Ho Te U Hore, Junior Assistant at Saugor, an experimental nperimenul trial, ^^^j .j. Abbott, late Assistant in Nimar, whilit in charge of sa. Bat during the last six weeks of the hot wtather, fkom the shallowness of the water, and the boatmen neglect* iag to deepen the back stream as the water decreases, it of course beeoracs dry ; hut should it ever be required to be made use of daring those six weeks« I have no doubt, from the appearance of the river, that a little labor would nmke it navigable all the year round* " From the nature of the rocky bed of the Nerbndda at the Hirun Phall, I eoneeive it impossible that the obstacles to navigate it could erer be eiirmou Bted* From the circumstance of small ridges of rocks running parallel to each other in the river, and only distant from twelve lo twenty bet, it causes such a rush of water through them, that the boatmen are afraid to pam it, being unable to guide the boat dear of the rocks; and one which I prevailed upon the omq with some dilkctt Uy to make the attempt with, was upset, and the men much bruis** ed againat the rocks.

*' Here I again embarked, and^went up the river as far as Mokree, distance about twenty miles, and there found an insurmountable ob.

(With puitt Sfj •• •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• 7o5 v.— On the specific Gravity of Sea Water. From hence to Tulluckwara on the Nurbudda, in a South-west direction is twenty miles and seven furlongs, through an open jungly country.

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